Bidford Olympic Challenge 2012

Event held on Sunday 9th September on the Meadow at Bidford

There are 20 photos for this gallery.
The Torch Bearers Lighting the cauldron Waiting for it all to start
Rev Sue enjoying the sunshine Julie H ignores the 4 legged creature behind her Practice time for the 4 legged race
Dianne grabs the Silver Medalists I don't know what's happening - do you? I think that should be spelt
Some find it easier than others Greg - our intrepid organiser Determined to get to the finish
There were even Cheerleaders there Anyone seen the wellies? Space hopping seems easy
I think that's cheating! It certainly takes it out of you! Some gave more than others - blood, sweat and ...
Mark the wonderful Barbecuer! Wendy practices away from the crowds